This article includes a checklist of the minimum requirements a course must have in order for it to be published on the Udemy platform. In addition, it also includes guidelines and resources instructors can use to improve the quality of their courses, and enhance the learning experience of students!

The minimum course requirements checklist

Below is a checklist of the minimum standards a course must have in order for it to be published on the Udemy platform.

Additional resources

Best practices for course creation: best practices make good courses, great. You can learn more about the best practices that have worked for thousands of instructors to create compelling, high quality courses in our Teaching Center.

Trust & Safety guidelines: as you create your course, we also ask that you take time to review our Trust and Safety Policy Guidelines and make sure the course meets these and can be published.

The Quality Review process: after you complete your course and it’s submitted for review, our review team will provide you with feedback to help you get your course ready for students to enjoy. Learn more about the Quality Review process.

The Instructor Community: our global instructor community is another great place to find help and ideas regarding the course creation process.

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